News from around Bedworth and 2016 Trustees Annual Report for the Bedworth Society

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Charity Commission

It is a requirement of the Charity Commision that charities below a certain size have make the trustees annual report Trustees Report publically available.

Below is the 2016 Trustees Annual Report for the Bedworth Society


Trustees' Annual Report for the period





Period start date


Period end date














Section A                        Reference and administration details






Charity name

The Bedworth Society






Other names charity is known by







Registered charity number (if any)








Charity's principal address

Brook Cottage, 39 Lower Road, Barnacle, Coventry









Postcode CV7 9LD







Names of the charity trustees who manage the charity




Trustee name

Office (if any)

Dates acted if not for whole year

Name of person (or body) entitled to appoint trustee (if any)



John Burton






Lynda Burton






Vince Taylor






Lynda Greasley

Vice Chairman





































































































Names of the trustees for the charity, if any, (for example, any custodian trustees)




Dates acted if not for whole year












Names and addresses of advisers (Optional information)

Type of adviser





Keith Knight

43 Gainsborough Drive, Bedworth, CV12 8DB


Membership Secretary

Pat Lawlor

267 Coventry Road, Bedworth



Denis Baylis

29 Margaret Avenue, Bedworth






Name of chief executive or names of senior staff members (Optional information)






Section B              Structure, governance and management



Description of the charity’s trusts

Type of governing document    
(eg. trust deed, constitution)

Constitution document which if regularly updated

How the charity is constituted
(eg. trust, association, company)

Elected Committee of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary with a membership of 250 approximately.  Trustees are also confirmed by the members at each Annual General Meeting

Trustee selection methods
(eg. appointed by, elected by)

Invited to be a Trustee by the Chair and other Trustees,  and confirmed by the membership at the Annual General Meeting in March

Additional governance issues (Optional information)

You may choose to include additional information, where relevant, about:

·     policies and procedures adopted for the induction and training of trustees;

·     the charity’s organisational structure and any wider network with which the charity works;

·     relationship with any related parties;

·     trustees’ consideration of major risks and the system and procedures to manage them.

Trustees receive no formal training, but are selected for the skills they have in managing a small Civic Society.


The Treasurer has responsibility for all monetary matters including

·       Timely submission of audited accounts to the Charity Commission

·       Preparation of annual accounts to the Committee and membership

·       Collection of cash from the Heritage Centre each month and banking monies into the relevant accounts

·       Preparation of monthly accounts showing any payments made, expenses reimbursed and highlighting any issues to the Committee.


The Membership Secretary administers the annual membership forms and works with the Treasurer to ensure fees are paid into the bank accounts and if necessary Gift Aid is applied.


We are not linked to any other charity, but we do work with the Nicholas Chamberlaine Trust who allow us to use their premises for the Bedworth Heritage Centre.


We also collaborate with the George Eliot Fellowship, Chilvers Coton Heritage Centre and North Warwickshire Tourism for mutual benefit for visits and events .


We are members of CADAS (Coventry and District Archaeological Society), AIM (Association of Independent Museums) and Civic Voice – the association for civic societies.



Section C                    Objectives and activities



Summary of the objects of the charity set out in its governing document

To look after the interests of Bedworth Past, Present and Future.


We hold monthly meetings for members and guests, and arrange several visits per year.  Meetings are generally on the first Monday of the month, and a guest speaker is invited.  Attendance is usually around 60 members.


We hold free exhibitions at The Parsonage and Weaver’s House, which together form Bedworth Heritage Centre.  Exhibitions are changed 3-4 times per year and are open to the general public. 


The Heritage Centre is manned by volunteers and is open on most Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  The Heritage Centre is open at other times by appointment for educational visits by local schools and other interested parties.


The Committee meet monthly to review planning applications and comment where necessary, receive monthly accounts from the Treasurer, and discuss any matters arising.


Visits to local places of interest or short holidays are arranged each year for members. 



Summary of the main activities undertaken for the public benefit in relation to these objects (include within this section the statutory declaration that trustees have had regard to the guidance issued by the Charity Commission on public benefit)


The Heritage Centre is open to the general public, and in 2016 we had 2240 visitors, plus various school parties.


Additional details of objectives and activities (Optional information)



You may choose to include further statements, where relevant, about:

·      policy on grantmaking;

·      policy programme related investment;

·      contribution made by  volunteers.

The Trustees recognise and appreciate:

·       the help from volunteers to man the Heritage Centre every week, The

·       the work of the Secretary who organises the trips and outings for members

·       the work of the Membership Secretary who maintains the register of members and oversees the process for the annual subscription form.

No financial payment is made to volunteers.




Section D                      Achievements and performance


Summary of the main achievements of the charity during the year


This year’s exhibitions at the Heritage Centre have included :

Seems like a nice boy – aligned to a publication on [    ]

The Bunney Family – who have been associated with Bedworth for over 300 years

Bedworth in the 1950’s – a series of photographs and artefacts


This year’s trips have included:

·       A joint visit with the George Eliot Fellowship to Kensington Palace and Westminster Cathedral to lay a wreath at the George Eliot memorial

·       A visit to Chatsworth House

·       A 3 day trip to Sussex staying at Brighton

·       Theatre trip to Stratford Upon Avon


The Trustees open the Heritage Centre on New Year’s Day to members and offer refreshments to welcome in the New Year.


Section E                    Financial review


Brief statement of the charity’s policy on reserves 

The Bedworth Society is fortunate to have sufficient reserves due to the generosity of several benefactors.

Details of any funds materially in deficit 


Further financial review details (Optional information)

You may choose to include additional information, where relevant about:

·       the charity’s principal sources of funds (including any fundraising);

·       how expenditure has supported the key objectives of the charity;

·       investment policy and objectives including any ethical investment policy adopted.



Section F                     Other optional information





Section G                    Declaration



The trustees declare that they have approved the trustees’ report above.


Signed on behalf of the charity’s trustees








Full name(s)







Position (eg Secretary, Chair, etc)