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  • Bedworth Timeline

    Market Place in 1907. Note J.C. Smiths and the chain fence across the front of the almshouses.

    1086: According to the Domesday Book, the Earl of Mellent, a brother of the Earl of Warwick, held the the Manor of Bedworth. This holding was made up of 60 people, living with no priest or mill, on 720 arable acres for which they had two ploughs. Before the Norman Conquest of 1066 the land was owned by Edwyn, Earl of Mercia.

    1300: Philip de Turville became the second recorded Rector of Bedworth.

    1349: Few inhabitants of the town escaped the Black Death.

    1555: Lawrence Saunders, nephew of John Saunders of that Estate in the manor of Bedworth, was burned at the stake for heresy, in Little Park, … more